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Why Yoga in English...if I'm in France?

Updated: 6 days ago

A lot of people asked me why I'm doing Yoga in English, and more since I'm in France. To be honest, when we arrived in France, I didn't know to speak french and while I'm learning french I had to find something else to do. I love to reinvent myself, challenge my comfort zone and this was the opportunity.

So, I decided to teach Yoga here, in France. Yoga has been part of my journey for more than 10 years as I enjoyed teaching during some private classes in Australia as a complementary job. At the moment that I wanted to start to teach in France, I realized that a few difficulties would get in my way. The language was the first obviously, I didn't have any network either and of course, no knowledge about the process of how to begin to work here. However, I was decided to do it, and while I was looking for answers, I joined the Cafe Polyglot in Douarnenez and I discovered the interest of many people to learn and practice different languages. That was the moment that made me decide to start Yoga in English.

Yoga in English is not an English lesson mixed with yoga, it's the learning of yoga. Receiving all the benefits physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual involved. Usually, when we practice a sport, we are focusing on what the person in front of us is saying and in yoga, this is increased, because we open our minds to receive the lessons from our teachers during the class. Yoga in English will help you to change your life forever.

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