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Should I practice only one yoga style?

I have practised yoga for more than 10 years. My first, practised was Kundalini yoga when I was 20 years old, I hated it, wasn't for me at all, eight years later I tried Bikram yoga, I love it, was perfect for me and was the reason to start a constant practice in Yoga, after I tried Hatha Yoga for a couple of years, then Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

In the beginning, I was attached to one style, digging in each position, trying to go deeper in my learning and understanding of the benefits of yoga. Later, I started to practice different styles and nowadays, I combine, depending on my feelings I go deeper o faster o I slow down.

I believe if one day you feel the need for a deep stretch, to calm your mind with Yin Yoga and then the next day you go for a slow flow or power class is ok. Because, as we say in each class, you need to listen to your body and part of that is to choose the right class according to your inner balance.

If you find one style that makes you happy and you feel that somehow is helping you, to your daily path... stay with this, and if you are in a face of discovering just try, nothing is wrong with that. And as well you will see that one class of Vinyasa, for example, isn't the same with between one teacher and another. We as teachers, add our personality to our classes, add the way that we learned and for that, you have many options.

Don't give up on one class, from one teacher, maybe that wasn't the right fit for you today, try different styles and see what makes you feel more relax more connected. So, should you practice only one yoga style?...only you can decide that, as your taste in the food change with time, according to what your body requires, yoga is the food for your mind, soul and body, so listen to your body and their needs, maybe your recipe is a mix of ingredients or just one is enough.


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