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   After a few years in the corporate area, I found my own North through yoga, and I decided to create a space to help female executives and mumpreneurs to find a moment in their busy lives to reconnect back to themselves and find their own north with Yoga techniques 🕉.


   Yoga helped me 15 years ago, to liberate emotions, to reorganise- reconnect my mind, my feelings and to re-love my body. I worked in Marketing and as an event manager, in different company sizes and different countries, so I know by heart the phrase I DON'T HAVE TIME. 

   For the non-timers corporate executives, I have 1:1 live private classes, where you can choose your time(s) and day(s), no worries I have enough flexibility to be there for you. As well, I have recorded classes, mini yoga sessions with a different focus, meditations and Ayurveda as well. And if what are you looking for isn't in here or you have some doubts let's have a chat and we can try to find a solution together.

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